Like many people who run a blog, I have software on here to pick up spam comments. There aren’t many spam comments, and not many real ones either. That’s fine. You see, most people don’t comment. I’ve come to the belief that on the Internet, we’re all turning into Mr Padge.

Let me explain. This was all inspired by reading a post by Joe Saward on his excellent Grand Prix blog, complaining about trollish comments and – what’s worse – they seem to be really getting to him. To the point where he might shut down something that’s one of my favourite reads. For me, that would be a shame.

Now, I’ve found that readers fall into several categories. There are those who read, disagree and will comment as viciously and trollishly as they choose. And they enjoy themselves doing it.

Then some read, sometimes agree, sometimes not, and occasionally post well-thought out comments (on occasion) that aren’t spiteful, nasty or trollish. These commenters are sometimes in the majority, sometimes not – mostly it’s luck and how well you deal with the crowd.

But the bulk of any readership, I think, is the people like me. Maybe we’re reading on the site, maybe in Google Reader. Maybe using FeedReader, RSSOwl or any of a myriad other tools. But what we generally do is read. Comment may be limited to a sage nod of the head and a Mr Padge style “That’s Right”, perhaps – but not usually commenting on the post.

And that’s what you have to remember. For everyone that thinks it’s fun to be spiteful, there’s maybe ten or even a hundred who don’t comment at all. And like Mr Padge, we’re all sat in our little corners of the Internet, sitting there (in the best chair, of course), occasionally nodding “that’s right”…

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