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Year of Short Stories

My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to write 52 short stories, one per week for each week of the year. You can read more about my thinking for that, if you like. Here’s the list of them, if you want to read them all, including the “behind the scenes” articles about the writing of them as well. I’ve put the most recent at the top to make it easier to find the latest ones if you want to bookmark this page.

  1. Trees Looking At Me
  2. She And Him (behind the scenes)
  3. Road To Back Home (behind the scenes)
  4. The Quick Brown Fox (behind the scenes)
  5. Penny Drops (behind the scenes)
  6. The Onyx Ring (behind the scenes)
  7. Next Time, Be More Careful (behind the scenes)
  8. The March Society (behind the scenes)
  9. Leo’s Last Show (behind the scenes)
  10. The Killer, Unmasked (If, Never part 3) (behind the scenes)
  11. Jenkins Is The Problem (If, Never part 2) (behind the scenes)
  12. If, Never (behind the scenes)
  13. How The Moon Sings (behind the scenes)
  14. Grimgreen (behind the scenes)
  15. Florence (behind the scenes)
  16. Elkwood (behind the scenes
  17. Doctor Fog (behind the scenes)
  18. Cards (behind the scenes)
  19. Bernice (behind the scenes)
  20. Another Stack (behind the scenes)

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