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First thoughts on iOS 7

Posted by Simon Collis on 2013/09/18
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Just updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7 and here’s my first impressions…

  1. It’s ugly.
    Very, very ugly.
  2. Cellular/mobile data support is still poor
    My wifi is limited, my mobile data isn’t. And yet you still force me to upload/download big files on my limited wifi connection, while ignoring my unlimited 3G (which also has faster uploads). Thanks for that, Apple. It’s a stupid, stupid decision. Allow me to control it or scrap the idea.
  3. It’s ugly
    Did I mention it’s hideously ugly? The folder colours are grim washed out brown, making it hard to see the icons
  4. It looks like Windows 8
    Windows 8 is ugly, too.
  5. Too many silly animations
    And no way to turn them off

I think iOS 7 is going to sell a lot of phones. Mainly Androids.

Now, how do I downgrade back to iOS 6?

6 things I want from iOS 7

Posted by Simon Collis on 2013/06/27
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iOS 7 appears to be basically a graphical reboot of the familiar iPhone operating system. Ironically, I’d argue that a redesign is something it doesn’t need – especially what is apparently a marketing-led redesign, as much as anything. No, what I’d like to see are a few features that iron out some of the nasty little gremlins and inconsistencies in iOS. For example…

  1. A wifi hotspot that works properly
    Come on guys, how hard can this be? Android’s had it figured out for at least the last three or four years. Stability, easy to connect – I don’t want to have to turn it on and off three or four times to connect non-Apple devices. (Or, in the case of Apple devices, frequently have them not connect at all). And the “silently turn off because nobody’s using it while still reporting that it’s switched on”. Yeah, get rid of that too. And while we’re on the subject of wifi…
  2. Stop treating mobile data as a second class citizen
    This may be down to the biases of iOS app writers, but it doesn’t seem so. Dropbox on Android is happy to upload my 500MB video I just took over 3G, but Dropbox on iOS? “Dropbox will never upload files greater than 25MB over mobile data”. Great. So my unlimited data plan with its nice fast upload speed counts for nothing, while I have to tie up my home wifi and its paltry less-than-a-third-as-fast ADSL crawler lane? And incidentally, my home wifi has a “fair use policy” – my mobile data doesn’t. So personally, I’d rather you use mobile data IN PREFERENCE to wifi – especially if it’s on a train where I’m paying by the MB. Ouch. But that’s annoying, and I could live without it, if only I had…
  3. A way to turn off the “rubber band” effect
    Steve Jobs was enormously proud of the rubber band effect, and Apple have patented it, and used it in court against Samsung. But my word, does it ever suck. I really really really hate it. A way to turn it off would just make my day, week, month and year. Of all the things in iOS, if this were to disappear it’s the one most likely to get me dancing the Snoopy dance on the kitchen table. But OK, enough moaning about what I don’t like, how about improving something that I do like – for example…
  4. Multiple schedules for the “do not disturb” scheduler
    I stay up late at the weekends, and get up late at the weekends to. That may not be the healthiest way to live, but then I suspect this is true of a lot of people – especially those on shift work. How about the ability to put in different schedules for different days of the week? (I suppose catering for non-weekday based schedules is too much to ask, huh?) Oh, and while we’re on the subject of calendar type functions, how about…
  5. Holiday calendars for the Calendar app
    Hate to mention it, but Google calendar (and therefore Android) has had these for years. OK, I can connect to Google calendar to get these, but does everyone actually trust Google these days? And what about those people who’ve never used Gmail/calendar/etc? What do they do? And if we’re going to talk about not having to use Google services, perhaps I’d best mention the elephant in the room…
  6. Let’s not have another Maps fiasco, eh?
    Apple’s reputation was damaged quite severely with the Maps fiasco (apparently Bracknell lost its train station – although on the plus side, the branch of “Our Price” reopened, so every cloud has a silver lining, eh?). Whatever the motivation, please resist launching another system before it’s properly ready, like Siri, iCloud or, er, Maps, won’t you? You may not have noticed, but Blackberry have woken up again, and Microsoft are starting to get serious about phones now – another massive stuff-up like Maps will not go down well. Trust me on that.