Dishonesty, Dishonestly

It’s funny how all the disclosures about the NSA’s PRISM spying programme have mentioned specific things that companies don’t do, such as handing user content over to the US Government, but don’t mention what they were accused of: sending communications metadata in bulk. Read the disclaimers: Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook… they all say much the […]

Intel – takeover target, or takeover king?

There’s been an awful lot of rumours about Intel and takeovers recently. One, that Intel is about to buy (or merge) with AMD. Another, that Apple might be about to buy Intel. Well, there aren’t that many companies that have the financial clout to buy Intel, but there are a few that might want to […]

Apple’s pyrrhic victory against Samsung

The results are in, and it’s a massive win for Apple against Samsung. At least, for now. First off, there will be appeals, of course – there always are. It’s highly unlikely Apple will see the full damages – and they’ve annoyed a major supplier into the bargain. But before Apple fans get too excited, […]

All Surface, No Feeling?

Microsoft just took a huge gamble. A mega big one. And I’m not sure if they’ve already lost. Let me start with the background. A few months ago, they announced Microsoft Surface, a shiny Lumia blue tablet thing (apparently it’s hit production problems already – who’dathunkit?) Today, they announced that Windows on ARM – you […]

On Search Engines

The search engine,when you think about it, is a pretty magical thing. Really, they are essentially full text searches of ultra-massive databases, serving mind-boggling numbers of queries every second. And there are hundreds of them. Google, of course, is the Big Daddy of them all, with 60% of the market. The impressively poorly named Bing […]

Why I deleted my Google+ account

I’ve been on Google+ since before it went public. Originally, I was interested by the prospect of Google+ – maybe it was even a “Facebook killer”. But the truth is, I haven’t used it. At all. I haven’t posted anything on Google+ in a long time. Two things, in total, probably. But that is about […]