It’s always interesting to have new projects to work on. Currently I’m looking at one big one: it feels like sitting at base camp, looking into the cloudy sky at the snowy summit of Everest.

It’s a challenge. But one I’m ready for. Oh am I ever ready for this one.

You can treat life the same way. It’s either a grind, one problem after another, or it’s a series of challenges.

Treat it like a game and learn to enjoy it.

Every challenge you conquer – you’ve levelled up. You’ve gained experience points. You’re on the way to the title of Grand Exalted Master and High Pooh-Bar of Everything.

And when you’ve conquered Everest?

Sure, there might not be another challenge on the horizon as exciting, as glamorous, as rock ‘n’ roll right round the corner… but there’s something interesting waiting for you. And that climb? Tell the right people and doors will open.

That’s how to live.

(PS: I’m not really climbing Everest. That’s a simile. Or a metaphor. Or a cliche. Take your pick.)

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