Those who know me will know how much I didn’t get on with the iPhone 4 I got last year. So much, that I took it back to the shop and replaced it with an HTC Desire HD. So it will surprise those people that – yesterday – I bought an iPhone 4.

Now, I want to be clear about a few things. This doesn’t mean I hate Android – it’s a great system, and i think it will continue to be popular, long after Windows Phone has been abandoned by Microsoft as a losing game (something I suspect will happen within the next twelve months or so).

This also has very little to do with Google Play (the new version of Android Market), or with any issues with Android itself. In fact, it’s a combination of reasons.

First of all, it’s the apps. I bought an iPad a while ago, and I really like it. But what’s happened is that I have realised that a lot of the apps on there are the same as those on Android. Some are better, some are worse. But the ones on Android don’t usually sync with the ones on iOs, and they don’t really work quite so well.

And then GPS. Frequently, the HTC can’t get a signal. Why this should be so I have no idea, but it seems to be the case. And sometimes, I just rely on the GPS in the phone, even if I don’t drive (yet).

And then there’s battery life. I don’t use the HTC so much so that I know there is battery life left in it. Whereas the iPod, and the iPad, well I’ve never managed to run them out yet, even when I’ve forgotten to charge them overnight. One small game of Angry Birds, however – just ten or fifteen minutes – and the HTC is drained, even with the sound off, while my sister can play on hers all day.

But the real clincher has been the niggles. Small, little things that just don’t work right on the HTC. The Gmail app is more useful on the HTC than the built in mail; this isn’t true on the iPad where I use the built in mail for preference.

Sure, there will be things I can’t do on the iPhone, but the killer for me – that’ll be the battery life. Without that, everything else, if I’m honest, is just a bonus.

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