One of the big promises Cameron’s Tories made during election campaigning was that they would “roll back the surveillance state”. Unfortunately, the u-turn has arrived – the ConDem coalition has resurrected the much-reviled previous government plan to monitor every phone call, tweet, email, Facebook post and make that information available to “law enforcement” at any time, presumably for any purpose (after all, isn’t this what usually happens with these sort of things – scope creep?)

Of course, the big u-turn hasn’t been announced yet, and they’ve already got their scumbag answer to privacy and civil rights campaigners ready: “if you are not in support of the new law, you love terrorists and paedophiles”. After all, the Canadian government are already using the same idea in support of their own draconian laws.

The problem is that this will just escalate. Campaigners are already saying this will be used for “fishing trips” and of course it will – the more “criminals” you “find”, the more you get promoted, right? And it won’t stop there. I can imagine the thought processes right now…

Since EVERY email and phone call is being monitored, what about people that criticise the government? Let’s put them on a “watch” list, shall we? Anyone sending an email or making a phone call in Arabic? Could be a Muslim, which means they could be a terrorist, so let’s put them on the watch list too. And maybe let the Americans know, so they can put them on the “no fly” list too.

While we’re at it, what about animal rights protestors? Sure, them too. People who protest about genetically modified foods? Yep, them as well, peaceful protest or not.

And journalists? Well, they’ve been bribing police officers, so we might as well keep an eye on them. Come to think of it, it would be pretty handy to know the sources for any leaks or other stories about the government too…

You know, it makes me worried for the future of this country. Freedown, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, all of them are endangered by this pernicious little bit of tyranny that’s supposed to protect the sacred Olympics from the threat of “terrorism”. So if anyone says to you “if you are not in support of the new law, you love terrorists and paedophiles”, here’s a handy phrase I came up with to counter it:

If you support this new law, you love tyrants and torturers


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