Jack House – Murder Not Proven?

Having rattled through this in just over – ooh, 31 years – I thought I’d just quickly write about it. The reason it took me 31 years to read is simple. In 1984 the BBC adapted it into a series. I watched, absolutely fascinated (coming from a family of fans of Agatha Christie, Ruth Rendell,… Read More »

Ernest Hemingway – For Whom The Bell Tolls

I hadn’t read this one when I picked it up in Cash Converters (yes, they sell books as well). It’s hard to find English books in Lisbon, so the two choices in the shop were Dan Brown’s Deception Point and this. Deception Point I read in three days and you can pretty much imagine that… Read More »

Don’t Care

Just been through the spam pile. I like to do that manually from time to time, just for fun. “Quit your job today and earn less than you do now writing nonsense for us” – don’t care. “Your SEO isn’t very good. Buy expensive thing from us and you will get lost of traffic” –… Read More »

While I’m on the subject of Microsoft

Here’s two free eBooks: Introducing Windows Server 2016 Fundamentals of Azure, Second Edition Spoiler: they’re about computer-y stuff. Don’t read if you’re hoping for a whodunnit.

SQL Server on Linux

Microsoft have a preview of SQL Server for Linux now. There’s even an install guide. Good times.

A Concise History of Mathematics – Dirk J Struik

I found this book in a branch of Cash Converters in Lisbon. Actually, scratch that – I found the 1966 edition in a Cash Converters in Lisbon. However the cover of mine is rather beaten up so I borrowed this image from Amazon. You can go buy that edition from Amazon if you wish –… Read More »

BCPL: The Language and Its Compiler

Bcpl: The Language and Its Compiler by Martin Richards My rating: 4 of 5 stars Published in 1981, I bought this when I saw it mentioned in an article on compilers, and someone mentioned this as being a model of what a book about a computer language should be. It’s interesting to see the way… Read More »

A fly

I’ve been a bit quiet of late on this blog – for reasons that I’ll go into at a later date – but I wanted to just share a little incident that happened today. I work from home now, which means that I have my own little office upstairs. It appears to be a room… Read More »